M Horizon Prelude

Mecha Mayhem Prelude






“Aw fuck…”

With a pained groan, a man in the pitch black slowly lifts his eyelids to observe his situation.


The radio continued to crackle loudly as the man observes the situation around him, and in an instant, he is already depressed.

Cracked screens, loose wires, poor lighting, and quite possibly malfunctioning equipment if the frequent sparks weren’t any more obvious. In fact, the only lighting available was the sparks, but that caused more harm than good as it made it harder for the man to adjust to either level of brightness.

At the very least, his thick pilot suit is still intact. He could feel a few metal and plastic fragments here and there, but the suit’s integrity had yet to be compromised, and the visor is as viewable as the day it was manufactured.

“Sppshshhhback upsfhshfhsshhh”

Despite the horrendous static and the poor reception, the man has a good presumption of the situation outside, but before he could start sending aid, he has to be able to at least move.

“Okay Repo, you know what to do,” the man mumbled to himself.

“OS, force restart, codeword Phoenix,” Repo said out loud, hoping the machine would respond.

After waiting a few seconds and covering as many live wires as he could with the limited electric tape he had, his mood descends even further as the machine fails to restart.

Repo falls to the manual option and flips various switches below the display screen in front of him, manually turning off the power to each device. After flipping nearly ten switches, he hits a big red button and the machine gradually powers on.

Even from within, Repo was able to audibly witness the whirring of the giant awakening once more.

The machine’s OS lit up Repo’s visor as it reflected the safety checks on startup.

Line after line, code flurried from the top of the screen to the bottom, but Repo wasn’t skilled enough to completely comprehend the messages. Instead, he looks further down into a simpler display after the OS was finished booting. The second display, compared to the first, was far simpler because it showed the machine’s parts as if they were an actual blueprint.

And just as he predicted, the machine had complications.

Energy was leaking heavily from each limb. The earlier power failure had affected a few of his machine’s inner workings, specifically, the automated actions that had been programmed to follow his voice commands. Worst of all was the fact that his machine was low on energy.

Without further hesitation, Repo starts manipulating the machine through the simpler screen by touching the various parts and deciding which actions to take after entering the confirmation password.

5 5 5

The entire machine jolts harshly to the right as the machine’s left arm is literally blow away, causing Repo to endure the sudden and forceful Gs. Now no longer under submission to the broken and useless limb, Repo refocuses his attention elsewhere.

Repo checks a few more options displayed on the screen, mainly the options regarding the power usage of the other limbs. He had to reduce the energy loss, but due to the machine’s power consumption, not much could be done. Choosing longevity over operability, Repo lowers the power output to the bare minimum to contain the power loss.

“Okay…let’s move!”

Grabbing ahold of the controls, Repo attempts to stand.

For a few seconds, it seemed as if it was possible. But the machine’s constant failure to even slightly move has given Repo enough information to know it wasn’t possible, at least not without more energy or an actual repair, and either option was not great given the situation.

Although disheartened, Repo shifts to understand his current situation by putting more power into the remaining arm and attempt to flip himself upright.

As the machine slowly rose off the ground, Repo could see the black display brightening. The earlier video he was given only displayed pitch black darkness because the machine was flat on its face, camera facing straight to the ground. Unfortunately, the behemoth’s head controls were damaged, which meant Repo would be unable to twist its head in any other direction than the default straight.

After slowly lifting itself and finally flipping over, Repo was now able to see the sky.

Gray and thick factory plumes and crimson smoking embers filled the view of the sky.

“Sppshhh come in!”

The radio crackles to life once more with a distorted voice..

Repo immediately presses the intercom and responds.

“Repo here.”

While awaiting an answer, Repo continues doing what he can for the ever failing machine. By stuffing the closest wires away, Repo ensures that they won’t get in the way in case he needs to participate in combat.

The energy drain problem could not be solved, as it was an external issue that could only be fixed through a complete mechanical overhaul. As for operation, the remaining arm and camera were working fine, but the legs required far more energy consumption.

“Shhpppsssshshpo? I can’tshhshs you!”

The voice on the other side crackles but does not clear up any more than it was when he first received it.

Although ECM could be the issue, Repo believes the radio itself is damaged, which would explain why he is having trouble communicating.

“Needsfhhsssshhhhlp ASAP!”

“Shit,” Repo muttered to himself.

As if his current situation wasn’t dire enough, someone else’s was apparently worse and they required his help.

Since this was a truly do or die situation, Repo increases the power output he placed on the machine’s legs. Although the drainage was intense, without it, the legs wouldn’t even operate. With the flow of energy secured, the legs come alive and start working once more. This time, the machine is able to follow Repo’s command to stand.

From behind, Repo’s giant robot leaves a large trail of dust as its mechanical tracks pulled the behemoth forthward. Although the legs were now functional, they were requiring an alarming amount of energy compared to what he had left.

Keeping a vigilant eye on the radar, Repo moves forth, completely ignoring the passing landscape in favor of the frequent updates of the area beyond his sightline.

After traveling for a few minutes, Repo had found what he was looking for.

Two machines were in close proximity to one another. One machine was huddled behind an object. The other, based on its positioning, is most likely pinning down the first machine with heavy fire.

The radar could not read either machine as ally nor enemy. Either the radar itself too was damaged, or the enemy’s ECM was still working. Being this close to the enemy, the radio would not have received or sent a signal anyway, so he decided that charging the more dangerous metal giant was the correct choice.

While slowly rolling into sprint range, Repo had checked his weapon options, and they were horrendous. Due to having only one arm, the autorifle was out of the question. Not that it mattered anyway, since the rifle was dropped in favor of a lighter load out earlier. The metallic daggers were his only hand-to-hand combat weapon, but if he can’t cause enough damage in the first strike, then he may not have a second as the daggers were not meant for prolonged combat. The hidden leg missiles on the other hand kept blaring warning messages. Something was wrong, but the Repo was unable to comprehend the coded warning.

No choice, Repo thought, since waiting any longer would not help at all. But due to his weapon options, he had to move at slowly to avoid detection. Hopefully.

Before Repo was able to even get into range, Repo’s ally, completely unaware of his intentions, jumped out of cover and attempts to take aim.

It was probably due to dumb luck combined with the enemy’s constant firing that the previously huddled machine machine lost out in instantly the exchange. Now without any distractions, the still standing machine turns its attention to Repo.

Pushing the pedals beneath his feet to full depression, the machine’s tracks rotated at maximum speed and kicked up dust plumes far thicker than before.

Due to the sudden burst of speed, the enemy’s multi-barrel rounds failed to find its mark.

But no quarter was to be given, as Repo was now within range of missile fire. With a flip of the covers on both control sticks, Repo pressed the buttons with his thumbs and attempted to let loose the destructive warheads.

The left leg’s hidden missiles compartment failed to even open. The right side swivels open without issue to reveal the three missiles. All three missiles activate and pop out of their respective tubes, but only the middle missile fires off successfully. Due to the added weight of the non-working missile, the flying warhead is tilted off course.

Due to the sudden change in direction, the remaining missile goes off guidance and ends up completely missing the enemy.

After having taken a pause to readjust its aim, the enemy machine hits the trigger once more.

A few rounds manage to land its mark on Repo’s machine’s left leg, finally putting it out of commission and sending Repo into a diving posture. Luckily, he was already close enough by the time his machine was crippled, so the diving posture resulted in a great enough force to completely rush down the other behemoth.

Without hesitation, as if a man who has faced his demons, Repo pushes forth the right stick, and the machine responds by thrusting the dagger into the enemy’s abdomen.

The first strike failed to penetrate more than a few inches, but the powerful attack caused the enemy pilot to fumble at the controls, further delaying the counterattack the enemy should have done long ago.

Pulling back the right stick, the machine violently removes the embed dagger and as if in sync with the pilot inside, thrusts it inside once more.

This time, the dagger penetrated well beyond a few inches, but due to the dagger’s original intention of a one use weapon, it had deformed to the point in which it could not be withdrawn.

“Ah fuck it!” Repo yelled as he chose to push forth rather than further inward or outward.

The resulting motion opened a longer and wider breach in the enemy’s torso, since Repo constantly adjusted his machine’s legs to restrain the other’s movements.

After ripping open the pinned machine’s torso a few more feet, Repo’s cockpit turns red and the mechanical giant stopped responding to his commands.

“No no no no no no no!” Repo screamed as he jostled the controls and messed with the switches.

The machine, coupled with the low energy tank and constant energy loss, finally ran dry and halted all activity.

Now without any further restraints, the enemy easily pushes Repo aside and stands back up once more.

Just regaining his composition from the tossle, Repo’s eyes widen as he stares into the enemy’s multiple barrels. Now up close and no longer under the influence of adrenaline, Repo was able to see the enemy’s golden finish. Everything on the machine was colored gold. From head to toe, even the gunbarrels themselves were shining beautifully.

The multiple barrels start moving, and within seconds it reaches its maximum rotation speed. Rather than finishing Repo off immediately, the enemy continues spinning the multi-barrel gun to taunt at its prey.

“Damn…this is an annoying way to go,” Repo muttered under his breath.

Then suddenly, without warning, a large crack could be heard. The enemy machine then flies to the left, out of view, and leaving only the presence of where it once stood.

“Huh?” Repo thinks to himself.

“Sppsshhhpshhha…ha….thanks for the support.”

The radio crackled as it connected, but now that its signal was no longer under the influence of ECM, Repo could clearly detect a female voice.

Before Repo could respond, a message was suddenly displayed in his visor.


With a heavy sigh of relief and frustration, the view of the cockpit dissolves and Repo is once again back in his room’s computer chair.

Repo slowly takes the VR headset off and carefully places it on the computer table, as it had costed him nearly an arm and a leg just to purchase it. Still on his chair, the computer screen displayed a final message before it went black.

[Thank you for participating in the final closed beta match of M Horizon. We hope to see you soon!]


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