“Alice told me you had another nightmare.”

After Entri had met up with the others at the road, they quickly hopped onto their single horse driven covered wagon. Talia, Alice’s magic teacher, held the reins to direct the horse. Inside the covered wagon were a few containers that housed the various herbs and goods that Talia used for her magic and apothecary. Alongside the various goods were an alarmingly high amount of cushions and sheets. After Entri complained about the constant pain from the constant bouncing, he proposed the use of multiple cushions and sheets to soften the ride. Alice initially poked fun at Entri’s inability to travel and suggested that he walked instead, but once she saw how comfortable and relaxed Entri had become after the addition, Alice wanted in. After that, Talia got chummy with the idea and rearranged the goods inside the wagon. She also included a nailed down cushion for her seat at the reins.

“Yeah, it seems that the trauma is still present.”

“I know you feel as if it shouldn’t affect you, but you’re still in a body of a child. Things like this will still affect you like it would any child.”

Talia was the only other person that knew that he was not from here. According to her, she’s the same, but the proof they revealed to one another was worthless as she did not know where she was from, and her extremely limited knowledge of her past life couldn’t help Entri determine anything either. Entri on the other hand retained enough about himself, but since she had nothing to offer, he withheld his secret. On the other hand, he didn’t know Talia enough either, and whether or not she was keeping her past a secret underneath a guise of ignorance was a possibility.

“Nothing more than a child,” Alice chimed in, not knowing the specifics of their conversation. Everytime she had the chance, she would always offer her two cents to berate Entri. Most of the time, like this time, she would chide in unknowingly into a conversation that she did not have the context.

“And you would be far better off I suppose?” Entri asked in jest.

“Obviously. I, unlike you, am not a child.”

In a way, she wasn’t wrong. She was older than Entri, but not by much. According to Talia, Alice was older than Entri by three years. In his old world, it wasn’t much of a difference, but in this world, it might as well have been a decade.

“Then how about we put it to the test?”

“Entri, please don’t back her into a corner. As for you, Alice, do not invite yourself into conversations. Your father would disapprove,” Talia said, disarming the two.

“Yes, master.”

“Che, fine.”

Alice constantly tried to one up Entri at every opportunity, and every time Entri would challenge her after knowing full well he would come out on top. Alice was oblivious to Entri’s true nature, and because of that, Talia hovered over like a motherbird. With nothing more to fight over, the two went silent.



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