Oracle? Entri muttered. From what Entri could understand, an oracle is a person that can converse with beings beyond their current plain, or in other words, converse with gods. When Entri first awoke in this world, he wondered whether or not there were gods, as he didn’t believe in them in his previous life. But if he awakened here, then there must have been someone or something that summoned him. The question that remained was why.

Entri questioned Talia the first moment they had the chance, but she knew just as much as he did, maybe even a bit less. From what she said, the last thing she remembered was being cold and hungry. After that, she was here. Since Entri didn’t want to share beyond the bare minimum of why he was battered when they met, she too held her tongue. Although he wanted to know more, he didn’t want to reveal so much that he was endangering himself once again.

First thing’s first, this guy. Entri peeked through the entrance of the hut and saw three bandits standing over a handful of kneeling villagers. After his vision adjusted to the slightly darker interior, his eyes grew wide. The villagers inside were not people. They had ears on the top of their head instead of their sides, and their eyes glowed a strange tint from outside. To put it simply, they were humans with minor animal extremities.

Since he couldn’t fight the three of them on his own, given his weapon’s limited function, he looked around for an alternative. After quickly judging that most of the ideas he had were stupid, such as firing the weapon and hoping it would hit dead center to incapacitate the others, he chose to distract. Entri picked up a nearby shard of metal and tossed it as hard as he could to another hut. After hearing a decent thud, he ducked to the side of the entrance and waited.

“What the hell was that?” a gruff voice asked.

“Dunno. Probably just another villager. The boy’s will take care of it.”

“No. You two go check it out.”

“There’s no point, it’s not like we-”

“Go, or die.”


Heavy footsteps and mumbled gripes left the hut along with two bandits. From this close, Entri could discern their outfits. Horribly maintained leather chest armor, chipped machete or a similarly thick blade, dirty clothes, and blotches of red that could not be mistaken for anything else. Entri did not gag, wince, nor skip a beat. He had seen enough red on this world, and he could hardly care for people like these bandits anymore.

Entri waited until they left a safe distance before encroaching. He wasn’t an expert, he wasn’t trained, and he was definitely not confident. What he was, however, was an enthusiast. Since the bandits weren’t looking for him, or even anyone at the entrance of the hut, they left without even looking his direction. After they cleared the corner, he snuck in.


“Where is the oracle?”

The man asking was a hideous mess of scars. He was covered from head to toe, yet they weren’t his defining feature. From a distance, he was like any other bandit. Up close however, like where the village chief was, he could see the bandit’s unnatural eye. His right eye was a deep crimson red, and at the center, a deep black darker than the night sky.

The village chief maintained eye contact, doing his best to avoid watching the strange eye. He didn’t know what the eye did, but he didn’t want to find out.

“If you don’t answer me, I may have to get violent. You don’t want me violent.”

Without blinking, the elder continued to stare whilst remaining silent.

“Very well,” the bandit spoke in a sigh, and without missing a beat, swiped the blade at the elder’s ear. Due to the sudden attack, there was a delayed sensation from the attack. But once the red fluid started erupting, the elder crumpled down in pain and screamed. The unsightly liquid made the others scream in a chorus of terror. With a second swipe, a villager was beheaded instantly, and the screaming stopped.

“As you can see, I won’t hesitate to maim you or kill you. So tell me,” the bandit said while pointing his blade at a little girl. “Where is the oracle?”

At that moment, the girl noticed a young man edging closer toward them. The bandit noticed too, but he didn’t directly see the boy, he merely saw the girl’s focus of attention. Without waiting for confirmation, the bandit swung his blade in an effort to decapitate the intruder.


“So you know what this is. Good.”


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