WIP 10

“Why must we be subjected to such peasantry?” Alice cursed as she brushed aside low branches and stepped over large gnarling roots. Continue reading



Without warning, the scarred bandit fell back. The village chief took the stalemate as an opportunity and tackled the scarred bandit, forcing his knees to buckle from behind. The two bandits behind Entri screamed something incomprehensible and started to charge forth, but Entri took this welcomed change as an opportunity and spun around to fire a snapshot. Continue reading


Oracle? Entri muttered. From what Entri could understand, an oracle is a person that can converse with beings beyond their current plain, or in other words, converse with gods. When Entri first awoke in this world, he wondered whether or not there were gods, as he didn’t believe in them in his previous life. But if he awakened here, then there must have been someone or something that summoned him. The question that remained was why. Continue reading


To ensure the surviving bandits would not attack the trio in their rear, Alice and Entri fired off their own respective attacks to hurt and dissuade them. Alice muttered a chant before releasing a small fireball that scorched a small radius. Entri attacked with his magic pistol, a weapon given to him from Talia for self protection. He, unlike Alice, did not wait before firing. He knew from experience that the weapon was dreadfully inaccurate, and worse, it took a long time to reload. With the information on hand, he fired the weapon as soon as he had a shot. It didn’t matter if he missed, because if he didn’t miss now, he would have undoubtedly missed later. Continue reading