WIP 16

With all obstacles either vaporized or severely reduced, Entri was now unfettered and he ran with all his might to establish contact with either Talia or Alice. A dark thought whispered in his mind that Talia and Alice had already been burned to cinders, but Entri could not exorcise it out of his mind. His natural pessimism was seeping through and the only cure was finding them alive. Continue reading


WIP 15

When Entri saw the giant red beast, every cell in his body screamed to run for dear life. As he turned to run, a root caught his foot and he fell. With quick thinking, Entri twisted his body mid fall and narrowly avoided using the satchel as a cushion. Luck seemed to be on his side however, as the flames following the near deafening roar raged above him so furiously that that he later swore he could see small spheres traveling alongside the torrent of energy. Continue reading

WIP 14

“Thank you for listening to our request. Really, thank you.”

The village chief bowed with his hips and hung his head low. Rhea, being his daughter, followed suit. Since the two girls didn’t understand why their elders were bowing, they imitated them thinking it was a sort of play. Talia became flustered and Alice remained despondent. Continue reading